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Automated Dialling Alarm Systems - Cambridgeshire - Jensen Security Systems

Our standard range of security systems and intruder alarms have been shown to deter criminals, Don't be left out, call us on
01733 391 888

Simple to use audible only systems

Our audible only systems are suitable for most domestic and smaller premises. They are cost effective and easy to install and prove a valuable deterrent in the fight against crime. We have a wide range of audible intruder alarm systems that will suit your premises and we work to make sure that the system you install keeps you safe.

Automated dialling systems

Automated dialling systems include an intruder alarm and they then also automatically dial a preset number to alert others of the presence of an unwanted individual in your property. This way you can be sure of a quick response in the event of an emergency.

Business Alarm Systems - Bedford - Jensen Security Systems

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